After a wonderful 6 months in Guatemala, I have accepted the position of Program Management Fellow at Agora Partnerships in Managua, Nicaragua. I will be living and working in Managua for the next year. You can contact me at: dlwarren16@gmail.com

(descirption of what I did in Guatemala below)


For the next 6 months, I will officially be a Frontier Market Scout. FMS is a program that was developed by the Monterey Institute of International StudiesSanghata Global, and Village Capital. At the end of may, I attended a 12 and a half day intensive training course at the Monterey Institute. The course was divided into 6 2-day sections each led by a different impact investor. The faculty included Ross Baird – Executive Director of Village Capital, Yuwei Shi – Dean of the Graduate School of International Policy and Management at the Monterey Institute, David Kyle – COO of The Calvert Foundation, Miguel Granier – Founder and Managing Director of Invested Development, and Simon Desjardins – Business Manager of The Shell Foundation.

As a Frontier Market Scout, I will be doing a 6-month field placement. I will be spending most of my time working as a “Field Consultant” for Richard Ambrose and Mark Jacobson with Pomona Impact. I will be based in Guatemala, meeting with and analyzing the social enterprises Pomona Impact is interested in investing in. I will also be meeting with NGO’s and government organizations in the area to get a sense of the “impact investing ecosystem”. Additionally, I will be spending some time searching for entrepreneurs for Village Capital’s peer review process as well as working with Agora providing feedback on how Pomona Impact (one of the investors Agora has successfully matched with their Entreprenuers) functions so they can make their process as efficient as possible for the investor.

I will be living in Antigua, Guatemala July through December. I will be working with and analyzing Byoearth, a vermicomposting social enterprise started by Maria Rodriguez. I will also be working on a project with a team from CE Solutions as well as an Ashoka Fellow to create an easily-accessible online database of social businesses in Guatemala. In addition, I will be writing a weekly collumn about social business for a Guatemalan citizen journal, HablaGuate.

My first article: “A Working Definition of Social Entrepreneurship in Guatemala”

My second article: “Guatemala’s Social Entrepreneurs Find Solutions to Problems”

Profile of AGAIG

My third article: “Joining The New Global Economy Of Socially Responsible Giving



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